USO Hawaii Announces Spring 2018 Volunteers of the Quarter

USO Hawaii Introduces the USO Volunteers of the Quarter for Spring 2018.

Air Force Spouse, Bianca Ramos | USO Hawaii, Hawaii | PAC Region

Bianca is a spouse of an active duty Airmen stationed at JBPHH and started volunteering at the USO JBPHH in October of 2017. Since then, she has accumulated 279 hours by volunteering on a regular basis in addition to every event or program the center has offered.

During our first quarter 2018, there were many large troop movements including 1,800 Marines and just under 5,000 Army troops who were deploying out of JBPHH. USO JBPHH was asked to support in any way we could, preferably with food and coffee for the 3-4 hours before each of these flights. With her leadership, USO staff could support other programs and did not have to be present at each of these. Bianca took the initiative to work with the AMC terminal on set up, work with the command about how the logistics were going to run that day, and also delegated to the other volunteers, so each task ran smoothly. She was never hesitant to problem solve on the spot or contact a USO staff member when she had questions.

Bianca’s commitment and dedication during this time of high demand exemplifies a USO Core Value of Mission First. Bianca has had a tremendous impact on service members and their families. In addition to leading all the troop movements she also volunteers on a regular basis for the center’s midday shift. Her positive and welcoming attitude is the perfect way for people to be greeted while coming into the center. Many of the passengers are waiting to get on Space-A flights or just came in from a full day (if not more) of traveling. Bianca’s mission is to ensure they have everything they need, offer a snack and some coffee, and answer any questions, which has a tremendous impact on each service and family member coming into the center.

Bianca embodies what it means to be the Force Behind the Forces and what it takes to connect our service members and their families to family, home and country. Her efforts and dedication to our mission is why she was selected as the USO Hawaii Volunteer of the Quarter.

Air Force Veteran, Lance Cheek | USO Honolulu, Hawaii | PAC Region

Lance Cheek is an Air Force Veteran who has been volunteering with the USO since 2016. Since becoming a volunteer, Lance has served at the center every Friday for the past year and a half.

Lance not only takes care of our families when they are in the center, he is also our “Mr. Fix-it”. Every week Lance finds a new project in the center to work on. Lance donates his valuable “Mr. Fix-it” skills and has tackled the center “nobody wants” jobs! He does this all with a smile on his face, with his own equipment most of the time and does not ask for anything in return.

He truly gives back to our families in his own special way and it shows in our center. Lance served in the Air Force for five years when he was younger, and he understands how hard traveling and moving can be on the families and is always sympathetic to their needs while they are here with us. When Lance is not volunteering his time, you can find him with his family on the golf course.

Army Spouse, Audrey Chlarson | USO Schofield Barracks, Hawaii | PAC Region

The USO at Schofield Barracks has only been open for 5 months. It’s a true blessing when a volunteer like Audrey comes along! Audrey is an active duty spouse of a Soldier stationed at Schofield Barracks and began volunteering with the USO just three months ago. During those three months, she has dedicated over 122 hours and has made the USO at Schofield Barracks her second home. She can be found making meals for Soldiers and their families, cleaning the center, assisting with welcome home events, and is a key member in the weekly lunch programs. The greatest impact that Audrey has towards our service members and their families is her warmth. Not a single person walks through our doors without receiving a warm smile and USO greeting from Audrey. Her bright attitude and personality are infectious. She engages in conversations and shows our service members how much we support them by taking care of them and providing a “home away from home”. People volunteer for many reasons, but there are few who do so as wholeheartedly as Audrey. She cares about our military community and it shows by how well she relates to the service members and families that come to our center.

Every American can join the USO as a Force Behind the Forces! Give back to the men and women who give so much to protect our freedom. Visit to learn more about joining our force!

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