USO Schofield Keeping Families United Through Reading

USO Schofield Barracks had their first United Through Reading recording yesterday! CPT Shawn Lee came in to video two book readings for his little boys so they can see him any time while he’s away at training. The boys will receive the two books, the recording on a micro SD card (with a USB converter included), and a personalized message from Dad.

United Through Reading offers service members an incredible way to stay connected during times of separation. Video chat is great, but how awesome (and convenient) is it to have a deployed parent do story time every night?! It’s also a great way to encourage child literacy and a love for reading. Each location has a library of books to choose from and a recording session only takes 30 minutes!

United Through Reading is available at every military installation in Hawaii. Before your next deployment, contact any USO Hawaii center or the area office to schedule an appointment.

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