USO Hawaii Volunteer of the Quarter - Clyde Wong

Congratulations, Clyde Wong! We are pleased to announce that Clyde Wong has been selected as USO Hawaii Volunteer of the Quarter for Q2 2024!

Clyde Wong’s outstanding commitment and dedication to the USO at the Honolulu International Airport has made him the well-deserved Volunteer of the Quarter. His involvement with the USO began on March 21, 2016. He has demonstrated remarkable enthusiasm and work ethic by completing over 145 hours of volunteer work within this period, in addition to amassing over 7,657 USO lifetime volunteer hours. It is an impressive achievement that demonstrates his unwavering commitment to our organization and to the Service Members that we serve.

Clyde is the backbone of the volunteer cadre at the Honolulu International Airport USO. His selfless dedication to duty is displayed through his actions, as he is usually the first to volunteer to stay after his shift to ensure Service Members are served and are comfortable, ensuring the successful USO mission.

Clyde Wong stands out for his steady dedication to helping our Service Members and their families. On multiple occasions, Clyde mentored new volunteers during their shadow shifts by meticulously training them on the standard of operations here at the Honolulu International Airport USO. On numerous occasions, Clyde has gone out of his way to ensure during the onboarding process that volunteers have the knowledge and are comfortable fulfilling the duties at the USO center. During this period, Clyde onboarded 6 new volunteers as well as building a positive culture to serve 5,923 visitors. His influence has a direct effect on USO mission accomplishments here at the Honolulu International Airport USO center.

Clyde is a retired member of the U.S. Air Force, and he really enjoys making the Service Members visiting the center feel at home. This is reflected in his customer service, as he takes pride in our food program and loves feeding our military families. Clyde has single-handedly started a coupon and promotions program, which directly affects our operating budget and has increased our spending power. Furthermore, he is always on the lookout for sales and promotions to save money for the USO. During this period, his efforts ensured meals were available for all visitors and saved the Honolulu International Airport USO over $500.00. Lastly, not only do other volunteers enjoy his comradery, but several visitors have commented on his helpfulness.

We are grateful to have Clyde Wong as our standard-bearer volunteer. His invaluable contributions have significantly enhanced the USO’s ability to provide support and services to the military community, making him a well-deserving Volunteer of the Quarter.

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