USO Hawaii Volunteer of the Quarter - Trevor Colclasure

Congratulations, Trevor Colclasure! We are pleased to announce that Trevor has been selected as the USO Hawaii Volunteer of the Quarter for Q1 2024!

Trevor Colclasure has become the embodiment of volunteerism, dedicating over 200 hours of his time to the USO Schofield Barracks in various roles since September 2023. His commitment is not just about the quantity of hours but also the quality of service he provides.

Trevor eagerly responds to the call for action, consistently raising his hand to ensure the center is adequately staffed. From being a center representative to coordinating activities like the upcoming Super Bowl watch party, Trevor’s versatility has left an indelible mark on USO programming and operations.

Trevor’s leadership shows in the most challenging situations. For the 2023 Thanksgiving Feast, Trevor led a team of 44 volunteers, orchestrating a seamless outdoor set-up, meal lines, and tear-down. Thanks to his efforts, 325 single soldiers enjoyed a traditional, home-cooked meal, fostering a sense of camaraderie and connection.

But Trevor’s commitment goes beyond events; he has taken on roles as diverse as special events volunteer, donations coordinator, shadow shift mentor, and even recruited two additional volunteers to the USO Schofield Barracks. As the USO Elf for holiday programming, he creatively showcased important resources like USO Transitions to various places in the community.

In his role as donation coordinator, Trevor’s organizational skills shine. He picked up, inventoried, and stored over 500 lbs. of cookies and $8,000.00 of donated goods, ensuring that every item was individually wrapped, dated, and stored for serving during the week. His thoroughness in operations, administration, and leadership sets a benchmark for volunteerism.

Trevor’s commitment doesn’t waver, even as an active-duty service member with a dynamic schedule. He overcomes obstacles by actively seeking where he’s most needed, filling gaps during peak business hours, and volunteering on Wednesdays during lunch breaks. Trevor has even taken on the crucial task of verifying and approving center volunteer hours since February 2024.

The USO is incredibly lucky to have Trevor on board, and his unwavering dedication serves as an inspiration to others. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Trevor Colclasure for his exceptional service, and we hope that his commitment encourages others to follow in his remarkable footsteps.

If you’re inspired by Trevor’s story and want to make a difference, please consider signing up to volunteer at Together, we can continue to support our service members and make a positive impact in the lives of those who serve.

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