Volunteer of the Quarter for 2023

Congratulations Nate Hawkins! We are pleased to announce Nate has been selected as USO Hawaii Volunteer of the Quarter for Q4 2023!

Nate Hawkins’ outstanding commitment and dedication to the USO at Schofield Barracks has made him the well-deserved Volunteer of the Quarter. His involvement with the USO began on August 23, 2023, and he has set high goals for himself. With his remarkable enthusiasm and work ethic, he has completed over 150 hours of volunteer work within a month. It is an impressive achievement that demonstrates his unwavering commitment to our organization and the Service Members that we serve.

Nate started out as a volunteer at the USO Schofield Barracks Center, where he diligently performed a variety of duties. Not only were ID checks thorough, but the center was kept clean and well-maintained, the food stations were always filled, and visitors were treated with warmth. He also went above and beyond by helping to cut and pack pastry items to make it readily available for restocking at any time. This not only streamlined the process but also saved valuable time for other volunteers, enhancing the overall efficiency of the restocking task.

Nate’s contributions to the USO’s programming and operations are immeasurable. By going the extra mile to fill in gaps and cover vacant shifts, he ensures that the centers remain operational, even during weekends and late nights. Nate’s continuous support ensures that the USO’s mission to serve Service Members and their families remains uninterrupted. His proactive approach and ability to quickly grasp the center’s procedures have given staff the confidence to rely on him for essential tasks.

One key aspect that sets Nate apart is his willingness to work beyond his initial role as a USO Schofield Barracks volunteer. He has actively supported program events within the center, out in the field, and at other USO locations, such as the USO Ft. Shafter and USO Honolulu centers. His adaptability and ability to quickly learn the nuances of daily operations across the three centers - Schofield, Honolulu, and Shafter - demonstrate his versatility as a volunteer. This versatility has made him a reliable volunteer member, and staff members frequently count on him to cover shifts and even train new volunteers.

We are grateful to have Nate Hawkins as our volunteer. His invaluable contributions have significantly enhanced the USO’s ability to provide support and services to the military community, making him a well-deserving Volunteer of the Quarter.

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