Volunteer Appreciation Day 2023

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USO Hawaii recently hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Day during National Volunteer Week. The event was held at the Mangiamo Restaurant in Honolulu, where attendees were treated to delicious Italian food and sweet desserts. The volunteers also enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with fellow volunteers and share stories. Many of the attendees had not met each other in person so the event was a fantastic opportunity for them to get to know each other. The atmosphere at the event was warm and festive, and the volunteers were able to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) to volunteers who met the gold, silver, and bronze categories. The PVSA is a national award that recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding volunteer service and civic engagement in their communities. This award is a great honor and a testament to the dedication and hard work of USO Hawaii volunteers.

During the event, the Hawaii Area Director, Ms. Juliet Bucayu-Domingo gave a speech thanking the volunteers for their unwavering support in fulfilling the USO Hawaii mission. In 2022, 178 active volunteers provided 16,200 hours of service, helping with 1,189 programs and 39 troop movements. The Area Director also shared that USO Hawaii has achieved an average satisfaction rating of 4.92 out of 5 in exit surveys, a great achievement demonstrating the level of hospitality volunteers provide in the centers.

The Area Director also highlighted the success of one of the USO Hawaii volunteers, Lyle Apo, who was chosen as the 2022 USO Volunteer of the Year for OCONUS. This recognition further validates the hard work and dedication of USO Hawaii volunteers.

Overall, the Volunteer Appreciation Day was a remarkable success. It served as an opportunity to express gratitude to these individuals for their outstanding contributions to the organization and the military community. Events like this one have also helped to strengthen the bonds between volunteers and the organization.

As USO Hawaii strives to continue to be a vital resource for military members and their families, the contributions of our volunteers are invaluable in fulfilling our mission. We are grateful for their support and dedication, and we are committed to continuing to provide meaningful opportunities for them to give back to the military community.

The 2022 Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) recipients

Gold Award:

  • Clyde Wong
  • Richard Cox
  • Edna Nazareno
  • Vivian Murray
  • David Murray

Silver Award:

  • Nye, Stephanie
  • Mike Whittekiend
  • Kathryn Arizo
  • Gonzalez, Manuela
  • Matthew Gasior
  • Mary Gasior
  • Lyle Apo
  • Jeanpaul, Kevin
  • Lorraine Blackwell
  • John johnson
  • Liu, beiling
  • Quintin Bibbs
  • Dorrian Faucette

Bronze Award:

  • Oshinbanjo, Temi
  • Alika Bui
  • Faucette, Dorrian
  • Chen, Chen
  • Allen, Christopher
  • Lance Cheek
  • Duvall, Leonard
  • Chin White
  • Karen Cheek
  • Joanne Maxhimer
  • Romeo Oliveros
  • Lillian Robbins
  • Gerald Cerny
  • Rafika Barker
  • Scott Mensen
  • Craig Gallagher
  • Bueno, Joel
  • Lucas Godaire
  • Keiko Mensen
  • Lingamaneni, hemalatha
  • Blackwell, Jeffrey
  • Abcede, Nathaniel
  • Donna Hansen
  • Caleb, Tad
  • Michael McCollum
  • Amy Rauch
  • Konno, Tasia
  • Parrett, Daniel
  • Paul Martin
  • Cameron Sears
  • Shannon Lamberti
  • Wendell Moniz
  • Taizir Winn

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