Valentine's Day Pet Event

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USO understands that a pet can be both a comforting companion and an emotional support, especially for Military families that frequently move from one duty station to another. As pets have become a big part of family life, this month when we celebrate love between couples and family members, we also celebrate our love for our most reliable companion; our pets. Recently, the USO participated in a Valentine Pet event for military families and their furry friends hosted by Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii. This is USO Hawaii’s second participation in this pet event.

The event took place in the afternoon, and even though it was windy, the dogs seemed to enjoy the occasion. They immediately engaged in play with other dogs, and explored their surroundings. The fun-filled event also included activities such as getting a pet photographer to take special Valentine-themed keepsake photos. It’s funny and heartwarming to see how some dogs do their best to pose for the camera, as if they know it will make their humans happy. These dogs’ efforts are not for nothing because the Marine Corps Family Team Building gave away selections of goodies and delicious treats for them.

The event also served as an excellent opportunity for the humans of the community to come together, bond over their love for their furry companions, and connect with one another in a warm and friendly atmosphere. It was a chance for attendees to get to know each other a little better and share stories and experiences about their pets. The delicious sweet treats and cold beverages provided by the USO Hawaii added to the festive mood of the event, creating a relaxed and enjoyable setting for all who attended. Overall, the gathering was a fun and memorable occasion that left everyone feeling closer and more connected to one another.

Military families often face unique challenges due to frequent moves and deployments, and forming a sense of community can be an important aspect of their support system. The USO hopes to be able to continue to support events like this, giving military families comfort, support, and a sense of belonging.

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