Volunteer of the Quarter for 2022

Congratulations to Lilly Robbins! Lilly has been selected as our Volunteer of the Quarter for 2022! We are proud of Lilly’s commitment and dedication to volunteerism.

Since becoming a volunteer, Lilly has contributed a great deal of time to the lounge. Over the past 5 months since joining USO Fort Shafter in October 2021, Lilly has logged more than 122 hours. In addition to signing up for regular lounge coverage, Lilly has also signed up to assist staff members on various special events. Even during the holiday season when her mother came for a visit, Lilly still dedicated her time to the lounge, and even invited her mother to volunteer with her.

Her journey with the USO began when Lilly and her two teenage daughters attended the USO’s Fort Shafter weekly grab-and-go lunches, held on Wednesdays, where she was welcomed and served by our volunteers. Her admiration and gratitude for our volunteers’ commitment moved her to sign up as a volunteer as well.

As a volunteer, Lilly dedicated her time and effort to ensure Service Members and their families have a great experience at the lounge. We have benefitted from her warm, welcoming, and nurturing personality. She has made the lounge a very welcoming and fun place. In fact, when Lilly is not volunteering, she is usually asked for by Service Members and retirees since they enjoy hearing her stories.

Her resourcefulness and dedication have also contributed to the success of the lounge. For instance, after learning we needed help marketing our Saturday Supper program, Lilly went the extra mile by helping put up flyers in high-traffic areas. Since she lives on the base, she knows where people usually go on weekends. Her efforts in January alone have increased foot traffic to the USO Fort Shafter and its Saturday Supper programs.

Lilly’s dedication to serving those who serve is an inspiration to us all. We appreciate her efforts and admire her commitment. It’s volunteers like Lilly that define what the USO stands for.

Interested to become Force Behind the Force? Sign up to volunteer with us at volunteers.uso.org

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