Transition Programs

When Service Members and their families complete their military service, the USO is there to support the transition back to civilian life. Those leaving the military need a plan to reintegrate into the communities they are returning to, a civilian career path and a strong family. USO Transition Services exists to help the nearly half a million service members and their families who start the process of transitioning out of the military each year. Designed to help the young single service member, as well as the 25-year careerist with a family, the USO Transition Services provides a roadmap to help navigate whatever transition journey lies ahead.

The USO Pathfinder Transitions Program Supports: Service members (Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard) 12 months before their transition and ensures continuity of care by extending support up to 12 months beyond the service member’s date of separation. We also support Military spouses throughout their transition from military to civilian life, helping navigate through the many transitions they face during their family’s time in service.

SPECIALIST ARE STANDING BY TO SUPPORT YOUR TRANSITION REMOTELY. Visit and click the button to connect with a USO Transition Specialist, your personal transition guide. Connect with us today, complete a quick form, and a USO Hawaii Transitions team member will contact you.

CREATE YOUR ACTION PLAN USO Transition Specialists work one-on-one to create an Action Plan that is unique to you. Your Action Plan lays out your goals. It also helps to identify services and resources that fit your needs and establishes milestones for you to meet your goals. Even after you’ve been connected to a resource, your Transition Specialist will continue to work with you to confirm that quality services were provided. If your goals and objectives shift during your transition process, your USO Transition Specialist shifts with you and makes sure you continue to get connected to the resources you need.

A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO TRANSITION Transition impacts every aspect of a service member and military family’s life. Specialists provide support in the following focus areas:

• Employment • Education • Veteran Benefits

• Financial Readiness • Legal • Housing

• Family Strength and Wellness • Volunteerism

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