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USO Honolulu Volunteer Ashley Piper and USO Honolulu Center Manager Katie Felder brought the snacks to the waiting area where the 301 Marines would be arriving.

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This was the limited access the Marines had to the Airport, therefore they had no access to food during their layover at the Honolulu International Airport.

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USO Honolulu Ashley Piper sets up a grand display of pre-packaged goodies.

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Success! The 301 Marines will have these snacks awaiting their arrival.

The Honolulu USO was honored to provide a little “TLC” in the form of goody bags filled with healthy snack items for 301 Marines from H&S CO, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Division. The 301 Marines were on a chartered flight which permitted limited access to food services at the airport due to restrictions on chartered flights. We hope that our act of appreciation for their dedicated service warmed their hearts and took the edge off their hunger. We were honored to serve those who protect our Nation daily.

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